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Staley Falcon Club is the PTSA and Booster Club for Staley High representing the over 40 student activity groups, 1,600 students, staff, and parents of Staley Nation.


**Join by Green Carpet Days, August 5th and 6th for early incentives listed on the sign up page!



Our Vision Statement

Together, we soar!

Our vision as parents, teachers, staff, students, and supporters of Staley High is to establish and maintain a tradition of excellence in serving our school and our community.

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Welcome to the Staley High School Falcon Club Family!


Membership is the foundation of Falcon Club and a great way to stay connected to the Staley High School community.


Falcon Club raises much-needed funds to support over 40 student organizations serving over 1,600 students in academics, the arts, and athletics. Memberships make an incredible difference in what’s available to our students at Staley High School.


Why Become a Member?

Joining Falcon Club is about coming together to support our entire community of students, teachers, staff, families, and parents. Your membership allows us to provide scholarships, parent education programs, and student activity incentives while supporting our teachers and staff.


How Does My Child Directly Benefit?

All levels of membership include specific direct benefits to our students. Senior scholarships, prize drawings, multiple homecoming week activities and awards, as well as club, student, and staff recognition throughout the school year highlight groups and individuals who represent the Staley spirit. Falcon Club memberships allow you to designate part of your membership fee to the activity of your choice.


How Can I Get Involved?

Attend our monthly meetings! These are community events. Dr. Smith gives a Principals update, Mr. Fowler provides an athletic directors update, and you can learn more about Falcon Club and the activities we support. Additionally, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities available to fit anyone’s schedule.


Staley Falcon Club.

Together, we soar.


If you'd like to volunteer with any organization or group at Staley or Falcon Club, please email us at